Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The EVA Awards Ceremony

The EVA Awards Ceremony happened last Thursday and it was a really swell event at the Rooms. Will Gill won for the Large Year Award, Bonnie Leyton for the Kippy Goins, and Mary Pratt for the Long Haul.

The saucy and be-skirted Angela Antle was the host, and it ran pretty smoothly, aside from the odd technological glitch. It was lovely to see such a diverse group of artists together in one room, from all parts of the province, and from all stages of development. I felt more part of a community as an artist in Newfoundland than at any other time I've been here. So thanks to VANL, at the very least, for that.

What was refreshing for me was the sincerity from each of the winners. It was all very sweet, and also was in such stark contrast to the NLAC Awards, wherein (as just one example of the difference) Paul Pope's self-congratulatory twenty minute acceptance speech for his Lifetime Award or whatever it was he won had me in fits of boredom and resentment. There was none of that shit here, thank God. And while I'm all for more publicity and attention for visual artists in this province, and am somewhat skeptical about this supposed inherent shyness visual artists have, we should draw the line at becoming the self obsessed, obnoxious, ego-maniacs that dominate other fields of artistic expression around here.

I was also quite shocked to learn that there are far more people reading this blog than I thought. I mean, there's a Site Meter I have that tells me how many hits the site gets or whatever, but this was ridiculous. There were people I'd never met there who knew who I was and who liked or dis-liked me accordingly.

To everyone reading this, please comment on the various things I've written. The entire point of this is to foster dialogue. Thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The EVAs were gr-rr-eatt!!!
Let's hope more sponsors come forward and next year there can be awards for performance art, newmedia, curating, arts writing and all the things we should be working together to foster here in the scene.

4:33 p.m.  
Blogger JustinBathurst said...

I have a feeling that if we're going to expect awards for performance art, new media, curating, writing, and so on, we're going to need a few more people operating in each of those categories. Otherwise, I can see it now, we'll have only one or two people eligible for nominations...

5:22 a.m.  

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